Ashen Empires: Player Spotlight – Siabhra

Player Name: Siabhra
IRL Location: Ontario, Canada.
Member Since: 2005
Server: Legends
Guild: League of Legends
Character Description: Elf Battlemage crafter and a guild leader
Orb Build: 100 STR, 101 INT, 30 DEX, 5 CON
Weapon of Choice: Staff of Elemental Master
Alignment: Divine
Faction: Lotorian
Level: 107
Favorite Mob: Siabhra likes all of the Tides of Fate animals
Favorite Area: Whisperdale and Tides of Fate
Favorite thing to do in AE: “Help people”
Favorite thing to do IRL: Making graphics
Favorite Craft: Carpentry
If you could change one thing in AE… “Some kind of timer so they can’t do so many Spawn Increases. “

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  • By Matty, January 23, 2015 @ 3:17 am

    DAoC Player? :)

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