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Dransik Free to Play Change

Dransik is now even more free to play. The backpack size limitation has been removed! VIP members will continue to get fantastic grab bags each month. Now there is no reason you shouldn’t be playing!

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Ashen Empires Updated

Ashen Empires had several big changes and fixes over the past week.


  • Reverted the previous fix to mage casting that many were referring to as the “mage bug”
  • Made the ToF Savannah Quests repeatable
  • Made several more SoC Quests repeatable
  • Oil of Jandros Potion now provides stamina pool boost
  • Totem of Hardiness now provides stamina pool boost
  • Totem of Thunderstike now works with Thunder Strike, Thunder Bolt and Cloud Burst and works the entire duration of the totem
  • Added the following creatures to DTM/Kill Counts:
    • Guardians of Kuthos
    • Grasping Tenticle
    • Lightning Slug
    • Balron
    • Stag
    • Ancient Ogre
  • Added level pre-requisite for Dragon DTM/kill credit (80)
  • Greater Dragons now have no tolerance for players who fight them before the Master quest has been completed.
  • Bonesnarl can now be killed more times
  • Fixed many spelling errors in SoC and ToF quests
  • Re-worked summoning for high level creatures
  • White Fang can now pounce
  • Increased special power of Lance of the North
  • Gave Razor Sharp Basilisk Tooth the ability to special on all creatures
  • Increased the damage of the Body spell – Retribution.

Read more about it here:


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nFringe 1.2 update official

The long awaited nFringe 1.2 update has gone gold!

Features: Text Editor

  • Initial IntelliSense for asset packages
  • Added a ‘Go To Configuration’ command for config and globalconfig variables
  • Live local variable analysis – locals are usable as soon as they’re typed
  • Improved support for script interfaces and operators
  • Preferred case for keywords can be specified in ScriptModifiers.xml
  • Support the All Margins extension for Visual Studio 2010
  • Support the new Call Hierarchy window in Visual Studio 2010

    Bugs Fixed: Text Editor

  • Improved modifier parsing for classes, vars, functions, states, and structs (new or differing keywords shouldn’t break IntelliSense)
  • Fix Navigate To… feature (VS 2010)
  • Fix missing keywords in IntelliSense lists
  • Improved INI file support
  • Fixed the ‘override’ function feature
  • Fixed method tips
  • Fixed Class View not properly refreshing
  • Many other IntelliSense performance and accuracy fixes
  • Build System

  • Compile errors are properly reported
  • Support incremental builds without the -full flag
  • Allow underscores and dashes in package names
  • Project System

  • Removed support for non-standard project structures (including UT3) in favor of UDK/UE3 licensees’ consistent structure.
  • Substantial performance improvements to project load time and Show All Files when using Visual Studio 2010.
  • Find out more and download or update your version here:

    nFringe Releases

    Servers back online

    All servers are now back online.

    10/22 Server Outage

    We are experiencing an extended server outage today. All game servers are currently unavilable. We are working very hard to remedy the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    New nFringe Indie License Terms Announced

    Great news Indies! We listened to your feedback and removed the royalty from the nFringe Indie license.

    Independent game developer can now have a way to use all of the features of nFringe with Epic’s Unreal Developer Kit (UDK) for a single yearly fee. The $349.00 (US) nFringe Indie License grants the developer full use of the nFringe product to develop a commercial game or application using the UDK.

    The nFringe Indie License can be purchased directly from the Pixel Mine Secure Web Store – Login HERE.

    New nFringe Developers should use ‘create enterprise account’ to access the nFringe store.

    nFringe 1.1 Update Released!

    Pixel Mine, Inc. today announced a series of major updates to its popular nFringe Tool Suite for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 (UE3). Unreal Engine 3 is the industry leading game engine for cross-platform game development.

    New features included in the 1.1 nFringe Update include:

    Added the option to “Break on Accessed None” during script debugging
    Added debugging support for 64-bit builds
    Breakpoints can now be set in PostBeginPlay (and other methods called during the first ticks of the engine starting)
    Added support for the Memory windows
    Values of items in the Watch and Autos windows can be edited while debugging (previously read only)

    Text Editor
    New IntelliSense completion modes – in addition to significant improvements in overall typing speed, there’s no more having to remember variable prefixes or exact naming
    -Substring matching
    -CamelCase matching
    -Mixed matching
    Brace matching and code folding
    Keywords configured through an XML file which can be shared among a team
    Several bug fixes and performance improvements

    New and much easier to use license manager

    Visual Studio 2010
    Added support for Visual Studio 2010
    Supports the new Navigate To… feature of Visual Studio 2010

    Read the full release here:

    Ashen Empires: Player Spotlight – Siabhra

    Player Name: Siabhra
    IRL Location: Ontario, Canada.
    Member Since: 2005
    Server: Legends
    Guild: League of Legends
    Character Description: Elf Battlemage crafter and a guild leader
    Orb Build: 100 STR, 101 INT, 30 DEX, 5 CON
    Weapon of Choice: Staff of Elemental Master
    Alignment: Divine
    Faction: Lotorian
    Level: 107
    Favorite Mob: Siabhra likes all of the Tides of Fate animals
    Favorite Area: Whisperdale and Tides of Fate
    Favorite thing to do in AE: “Help people”
    Favorite thing to do IRL: Making graphics
    Favorite Craft: Carpentry
    If you could change one thing in AE… “Some kind of timer so they can’t do so many Spawn Increases. “