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nFringe patched (

Patch Notes:
Allows nFringe installation when Visual Studio 2013 is the only version of Visual Studio installed on the system.

Download here! or visit the nFringe Releases Page.

nFringe Released!

Version of nFringe has been released!nfringelogo

nFringe includes:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Improvements to the overall build system using numerous NuGet packages

You can download the new version HERE!

Please contact us prior to purchasing a license.

nFringe 1.2 update official

The long awaited nFringe 1.2 update has gone gold!

Features: Text Editor

  • Initial IntelliSense for asset packages
  • Added a ‘Go To Configuration’ command for config and globalconfig variables
  • Live local variable analysis – locals are usable as soon as they’re typed
  • Improved support for script interfaces and operators
  • Preferred case for keywords can be specified in ScriptModifiers.xml
  • Support the All Margins extension for Visual Studio 2010
  • Support the new Call Hierarchy window in Visual Studio 2010

    Bugs Fixed: Text Editor

  • Improved modifier parsing for classes, vars, functions, states, and structs (new or differing keywords shouldn’t break IntelliSense)
  • Fix Navigate To… feature (VS 2010)
  • Fix missing keywords in IntelliSense lists
  • Improved INI file support
  • Fixed the ‘override’ function feature
  • Fixed method tips
  • Fixed Class View not properly refreshing
  • Many other IntelliSense performance and accuracy fixes
  • Build System

  • Compile errors are properly reported
  • Support incremental builds without the -full flag
  • Allow underscores and dashes in package names
  • Project System

  • Removed support for non-standard project structures (including UT3) in favor of UDK/UE3 licensees’ consistent structure.
  • Substantial performance improvements to project load time and Show All Files when using Visual Studio 2010.
  • Find out more and download or update your version here:

    nFringe Releases

    New nFringe Indie License Terms Announced

    Great news Indies! We listened to your feedback and removed the royalty from the nFringe Indie license.

    Independent game developer can now have a way to use all of the features of nFringe with Epic’s Unreal Developer Kit (UDK) for a single yearly fee. The $349.00 (US) nFringe Indie License grants the developer full use of the nFringe product to develop a commercial game or application using the UDK.

    The nFringe Indie License can be purchased directly from the Pixel Mine Secure Web Store – Login HERE.

    New nFringe Developers should use ‘create enterprise account’ to access the nFringe store.