nFringe 1.1 Update Released!

Pixel Mine, Inc. today announced a series of major updates to its popular nFringe Tool Suite for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 (UE3). Unreal Engine 3 is the industry leading game engine for cross-platform game development.

New features included in the 1.1 nFringe Update include:

Added the option to “Break on Accessed None” during script debugging
Added debugging support for 64-bit builds
Breakpoints can now be set in PostBeginPlay (and other methods called during the first ticks of the engine starting)
Added support for the Memory windows
Values of items in the Watch and Autos windows can be edited while debugging (previously read only)

Text Editor
New IntelliSense completion modes – in addition to significant improvements in overall typing speed, there’s no more having to remember variable prefixes or exact naming
-Substring matching
-CamelCase matching
-Mixed matching
Brace matching and code folding
Keywords configured through an XML file which can be shared among a team
Several bug fixes and performance improvements

New and much easier to use license manager

Visual Studio 2010
Added support for Visual Studio 2010
Supports the new Navigate To… feature of Visual Studio 2010

Read the full release here:

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