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Changes since

  • Features
    • Initial support for Visual Studio 2012
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Support the UnrealScript operator >>>
    • Allow state-local variables before the ignores declarations of a state
    • Fix IntelliSense operations in Object.uc
  • Known issues in Visual Studio 2012
    • UnrealScript-specific syntax highlighter colors may not be available for customization in the Fonts & Colors settings

  • Bugs fixed
    • Text editor:
      • Fix auto-indent bug with curly braces
      • Fix doxygen summary parsing
      • Small syntax highlighter improvements
    • Project system:
      • Improved UDK support
      • Support relative paths in the script build configuration
      • Fix many issues with UnrealScript projects in Visual Studio 2010
      • Simplify project configuration by removing the “Manually Set UCC Output Directory” option
  • Features
    • Brand new and much more friendly license manager
    • Implement Visual Studio 2010’s Navigate To… feature for UnrealScript code
    • UnrealScript keywords are now configured via the Core\ScriptModifiers.xml file. The file allows per-project configuration and can be checked into Perforce for easy distribution among a team. Download a copy of the file here: ScriptModifiers.xml. The file may be edited to reflect the keywords specific to your copy of the engine.
    • Script debugging enhancements
      • Add option to “Break on Accessed None” during script debugging
      • Debugging support for 64-bit games (Licensee UE3 builds older than Nov. 2010 require a special patch)
      • Debugging support for PostBeginPlay and other early methods (Licensee UE3 builds older than Nov. 2010 require a special patch)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Brace matching is back (Though currently the Visual Studio 2010 brace matching is much better than the 2005/2008 version).
    • Code outlining is back
    • Fix IntelliSense for array types
  • Features
    • Experimental Visual Studio 2010 support. Visual Studio 2008 is still the recommended script development environment.
    • New support for MSBuild
    • New IntelliSense completion modes (see images)
  • Substring matches

  • CamelCase matches on boundaries

  • Mixed CamelCase partial matches

  • Bugs fixed
    • Small correction to the recently completed items selection in IntelliSense dropdowns
    • Fix some UI bugs in the license manager

  • Bugs fixed
    • Significant text editor performance improvements
    • Support metadata following a class header and struct definition
    • Smart indent fixes


  • Bugs fixed
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the license manager
    • Smart indent fixes


  • Bugs fixed
    • Find All References now works in Visual Studio 2005 (already worked in 2008)
    • Several smart-indent fixes. If you previously disabled this feature, I recommend re-enabling it. Let me know if you have any issues with it. 🙂
    • Various IntelliSense bug fixes
  • Features
    • Improved IntelliSense performance
    • UT3 patch 2.1 support


  • Bugs fixed
    • Several fixes for Smart Indent feature
    • Some small IntelliSense fixes
    • Small updates to the Keywords options page
    • Fix UriFormatException during project load on some Vista systems
  • Features
    • Find All References
    • Call Browser


  • Bugs fixed
    • Add **\*.uci to the Licensee UnrealScript Project template
    • Fix preferences not applying until a project reload
    • Improved support for relative paths
    • Several various UI and parser fixes
  • Features
    • Support “UnrealEngine 3 Mod” game type, modeled after the licensee project
    • Code snippets in the IntelliSense dropdowns; enable tab completion
    • IntelliSense for documentation comments


  • Bugs fixed
    • Suppress incorrect warnings about local variable usage
    • Improved brace matching


  • Bugs fixed
    • Several various debugging fixes
    • Building mods with the Steam version of UT3 now works
  • Features (nFringe licensees)
    • Memory windows support (Memory window and editing watches)
    • Values of items in the Watches/Autos windows can be edited while debugging
    • Dedicated server script debugging
    • Editor/PIE script debugging
  • Features (all users)
    • Doc comments for methods support parameter comments
    • Warning messages for certain uses of local variables (screenshot)
    • Support for UT3 patch 1.4




  • Bugs fixed
    • Editor:
      • IntelliSense for defaultproperties
    • Debugger:
      • Support self in the Watch and Immediate windows (forum thread)
      • Fix handling of failed assertions when breakpoints are not set (forum thread)
      • Fix debugging for TC mods
      • Suppress messages about “addwatch”, “addbreakpoint”, debugger state logs, etc. (forum thread)


  • Bugs fixed
    • Editor:
      • Fix several bugs that reappeared in Smart Tabs
      • Support relative paths in property pages
      • Fix display issues in property pages
      • ‘override’ functionality greatly improved
      • IntelliSense is “label-friendly”
      • Fix some small IntelliSense parsing issues
    • Debugger:
      • Fix several serious debugging problems
      • Support expression evaluations containing self.


  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix recent bugs in Block Tabs setting (note that Smart Tabs is by far the recommended choice)
    • Improve IntelliSense parsing reliability for unloading/reloading projects and solutions
    • Fix .ucproj builds locking the IDE
    • Fix Quick Info and Goto Definition for .static. and .default.
    • Fix high processor usage and IntelliSense breakdowns due to improper handling of partial calls to preprocessor macros such as `log()
  • Features


  • Bugs fixed
    • “Extra Suggestive IntelliSense” mode greatly improved
    • Several IntelliSense updating bugs fixed
    • Smart Tabs opening brace for a function bug fixed
    • Fixed a couple bugs in the automatic override IntelliSense feature
    • Fix bugs in the UnrealScript preprocessor
    • Allow native type specification for function parameters
    • Fix bugs in the recent completions IntelliSense feature
    • More descriptive parser error messages in a couple places
  • Features
    • Context menu in Class View has a new command “Extend Class…” that creates a new UnrealScript class and adds it to the project. (Works only for licensees for now.)


  • Bugs fixed
    • Improved UnrealScript preprocessor properly handles `include directives, macros with arguments, and more
    • Allow additional valid switch case expressions
    • Vastly improved Smart Indent
  • Features
    • UnrealScript file templates for the C++ Add>New Item… dialog
    • New option to control the verbosity of parser error messages


  • Bugs fixed
    • Small syntax highlighting bugs
    • Delegates were not shown in the DefaultProperties IntelliSense list
    • Member selection IntelliSense for class'ClassName'.[static|default].<info here>
  • Features
    • Type “override ” to bring up a list of base class functions that can be overridden


  • Bugs fixed
    • Unicode character entry locked up the IDE
    • Syntax highlighting bug from apostrophes inside ToolTip metadata


  • New: UnrealScript Studio is now Pixel Mine nFringe
  • Features
    • State names are highlighted
    • UnrealScript Preprocessor Macros added to the syntax highlighter. The default color is the same as text, but it can be customized in Tools > Options > Fonts and Colors > UnrealScript Preprocessor Macro


  • Bugs fixed
    • Added the immutablewhencooked struct modifier, init function parameter modifier, and noexportheader function modifier
    • Fix code collapsing in INI files
    • Hide confusing parser timing information by default (still available as an advanced option)
  • Features
    • Class View updates
      • Searching in Class View is enabled
      • Hide inherited private members
      • Remove overridden inherited members (they are the duplicate entries that appeared before)
    • Smart indent improvements
    • UnrealEngine Licensees: Check for presence of debug scripts before launching the debugger, and offer to build them if necessary


  • Features
    • Notify when a new version is available


  • Bugs fixed
    • IntelliSense fixes
    • Vista UAC-aware debugger
    • Get rid of smart indent until it’s … smarter
    • Much faster builds for modders
    • Fix some duplicate files showing in Solution Explorer when Show All Files is enabled in mod projects
  • Features
    • Multi-package build support for TC modders
    • Configuration templates support (DefaultEngine.ini, etc.) for TC modders


  • Bugs fixed
    • Debugger stability fixes
  • Features
    • Immediate window re-enabled
    • Mouseover tips while debugging re-enabled


  • Bugs fixed
    • Debugger stability fixes
    • Small syntax highlighter bug


  • Bugs fixed
    • Several small bugs & rare but possible crashes fixed
    • Fix UTF-8 item templates (which UCC doesn’t support)
    • Fix searching in Class View froze Visual Studio
    • Fix existing breakpoints weren’t binding at startup
  • Features
    • Visual Studio 2008 version updated with SP1
    • IntelliSense performance improved
    • UnrealScript Project (.ucproj) build system improved – should cleanly handle the failure cases that were reported in the past.
    • Support directly launching the game in UnrealScript debugging mode for licensee C++ projects


  • Bugs fixed
    • Improved IntelliSense in DefaultProperties blocks
    • Calmed down the IntelliSense engine “initial suggestions” dialogs until they are better at picking appropriate times to show
    • Fix certain characters getting dropped when the IntelliSense dialog is dismissed
    • Various small IntelliSense fixes
    • Project properties Debug page wasn’t updating properly
  • Features
    • Code snippets support
    • New code snippet: Named Object
    • New project template: Empty Project
    • UT3 Patch 1.3 debugging support


  • Bugs fixed
    • UnrealScript language syntax fixes
      • Fix some keywords weren’t allowed as var names
      • Fix name parsing
      • 365f and .5f are valid floats
      • Add line-level syntax check parsing for defaultproperties blocks
      • Actually fix IntelliSense in ‘within’ classes (unlike last time)
  • Features
    • Add right click > Filter To Type support in Class View
    • Disable expression outlining by default
    • Add options in Tools>Options>UnrealScript Options>General to turn expression outlining and evaluation notices back on


  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix debugger Step-Out freezing Visual Studio
    • First item in the type & member dropdowns not graying properly
    • IntelliSense for ‘within’ classes
    • Fix lexer error line number reporting
    • UnrealScript language syntax fixes
      • There is no octal notation in UnrealScript
      • ‘out’ and ‘private’ are allowed var names
      • C++ preprocessor directives unnecessarily picky, plus some were missing
      • Keywords are allowed in ‘config(______)’ in class header
      • Configurable native code blocks
      • Escape characters in strings
      • Multiple ‘ignores’ allowed at the start of a state


  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix breakpoints created before attaching to a game weren’t binding. Breakpoints set before directly launching the game still won’t bind until you unset/reset them.
    • Fix user watch window variables not refreshing properly.


  • Bugs Fixed
    • Massive debugger speed and stability improvements
  • Features
    • IntelliSense tips for vars, methods, structs, and classes include their doc comments when available
    • Support for user-specified watches in the debugger


  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix various little debugger issues
    • Fix installer requiring manual uninstall for each patch
    • Fix some small IntelliSense update bugs
  • Features
    • Debugger supports Visual Studio 2005 Standard/Professional
    • New item templates for Kismet actions & UIScene-based classes
    • Class View supports inherited members
    • Improved IntelliSense/editor integration with native code<ref name=licensing>For UE3 licensee code drops: as this likely only affects commercial users, [ contact our licensing department] for details.</ref>
    • Core debugging support for the development cycle<ref name=licensing/>

  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix crash when certain build directories do not exist before the build starts
    • Fix debug breakpoints not binding until Break All is pressed
    • Fix temporary source files were opening upon breaking
    • Fix breakpoints not displaying a notice when binding fails
  • Features
    • Modules list semi-working

  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix crash when building a project and the compiler spits out a message referring to a file that is either
      • not added in the project or
      • in the project but has a Build Action set to something other than Compile
  • Features
    • New item templates for general ini, int, and uc files
    • New item template for a UT3 weapon
    • Vastly improved debug configuration options page

  • Features
    • Debugger
      • Add support for UT3 patch 1.1 and 1.2
      • Automatically update the debugger when necessary (removes the last manual step that was required)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Editor
      • Fix project properties on the General page not being refreshed [forum thread]
  • Features
    • Debugger
      • Launching the game for debugging a mod now works (Attach to Process still works but is not required)
      • Debugger is automatically installed in the game directory when a debugging session is launched (may not work on Vista due to permissions, workaround by following the manual install steps).

  • Bugs fixed
    • IntelliSense doesn’t list keywords as options, and wants to auto-replace them with other things [forum thread]
    • Debugger now allows you to remove breakpoints without restarting the game
    • Massive stability improvement in attaching/detaching the debugger (neither VS nor UT3 crashes now)
    • Fix Visual Studio freezing if you try to attach to the game while any breakpoints are set in code
  • Features
    • Building a project now combines localization files from the project and places the output in the proper game directory
    • Building a project now combines INI files from the project and places the output in the proper game directory
    • UE3 licensees can make a small change to their source to enable debugging support during their dev cycle. As this likely only affects commercial users, contact our licensing department for details.

  • Features
    • Real support for reference source scripts [forum thread, see post 6].
    • Alpha-level debugging support. Not for the feint of heart.

  • Bugs fixed
    • Installer should now require .NET 3.5
    • Fix folder creation problems [forum thread]
  • Features
    • Add build events property page for commands that should run before and/or after a build

  • Features
    • Allow custom command line arguments for compiling and running

  • Bugs fixed
    • Cannot create a new project [forum thread] (see thread for workaround for Visual Studio 2005 users)

  • Initial Release



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