Ashen Empires

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About Ashen Empires
In Ashen Empires, a great war rages between good King Lotor II and the fallen knight, Talazar. Heroes, men and women skilled in fighting, have become more numerous in recent summers, some flocking to the side of Lotor II, some joining the forces of Talazar, others seeking their own way in this increasingly turbulent land.

Your skills and courage are enough to make you the master of any little village, the champion of any petty nobleman… but that is not enough. The challenge this new era poses calls to you. You can tip the balance of power — toward Lotor, toward Talazar, toward some fate no one can predict.

The way you choose to play makes a difference in the world around you. Whether you are drawn by the whiz of arrows or the thrill of discovering new alchemical compounds, you can choose from a variety of skills to craft a unique character in your image; a vagabond warrior, a powerful mage, a helpful cleric, a crafty potion maker, or a resourceful farmer. There’s something for every taste in Ashen Empires, one of the few role-playing games that gives its players the freedom to role play with complete control over the character creation process. At any point you may begin training any skill of your choice to aid you in your journeys.

OMGM: ‘In a world where ogres roam the roadside, the dead rise from their graves and goblin hordes terrorize the local townsfolk, you’ll find an adventure filled with multiple dangers, heroism and the acts of villainy. Iron Will Game’s Ashen Empires doesn’t set out to reinvent gaming as we know it; instead, what the game does deliver is a game rich in adventure and a freewill experience in developing your character as you see fit. Surrounding the main principles of the game, you’ll find various features, interactive abilities and addicting experiences which makes Ashen Empires one of the more over-looked titles in the online gaming community.’ – Blair Morris

Gameogre: ‘Ashen Empires is a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on game depth and support rather than eye candy. You won’t find great graphics like you will in major MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or Everquest 2, but you will find a MMO with more of a personal touch than those games. Whether providing customer support, issuing updates, or interacting with players, Ashen Empires’ development team allows the depth of the game to shine. A great deal of that depth revolves around the freedom of AE’s skill system. Instead of getting crafting and combat skills just one way or limiting skills to certain professions, you have the freedom to choose what skills you want to develop. This freedom is a very important aspect of an MMO, because it allows you to construct the character the way that you want to without being told to follow a certain path created by someone else’s vision of what your character should be’.

Where will your path lead you? The scorching desert sands, snowy fields, stately castles, a quiet forest, or a place far darker than you ever imagined?