Forum Cleanup Complete!!!!

That was an ordeal. But now that they are clean and re-indexed. It’s a lot more responsive. If you get any Forum Errors, please post them.

Forum Cleanup

As you may have noticed, the forums are down. We are running cleanup on the database to improve the speed. Hopefully this will finish soon… but there have been a bunch of posts in the last 15 years…..

Steam, Pixelmine Store & Quest Log

We are excited to announce that we are working on bringing Ashen Empires to the Steam platform. Besides the free VIP, we are now offering a PayPal Store for you to purchase tokens. And, finally, something AE has always needed…the QUEST LOG!!!

Free VIP Time Extended!

We have extended the FREE VIP time for Ashen Empires players through the end of summer.

Please enjoy a summer in the lands of Valinor and beyond.

Thank you for your patience.


As a gift to our players — All current VIP members have been given 60 free additional days of VIP. All non-VIP accounts have been given 30 days of FREE VIP.

Download and play Ashen Empires and Dransik for free now!