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Visual Studio Compatibility

  • Supports Visual Studio 2005/2008 Standard/Professional/Team Suite
  • For users without a current copy of Visual Studio, the editor and debugger are fully supported in the free Visual Studio 2008 Shell in Integrated mode!

Editing / IntelliSense

Full UnrealScript 3 IntelliSense

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Auto-complete
  • Support Doxygen-formatted comments
  • Code navigation tools
    • Goto declaration (for native functions)
    • Goto definition
    • Find references
    • Call browser
    • Navigate To (Visual Studio 2010 only)
  • Supported standard tool panes
    • Class View
    • Code Definition Window
    • Object Browser
    • Call Browser (Visual Studio 2008 only)
    • Find Symbol
  • Code snippets
  • Coding assistance
    • Local variable usage warnings
  • Auto Complete

  • Tool Tips For Expressions

  • Method Tips

  • Class View and Code Definition Window

  • Class Hierarchy

  • Code Snippets Expander

  • Code Snippet Editor

  • Local variable usage analysis

  • Call Graphs

  • Accurate ‘Find All References’

  • Make the most of Doc Comments

  • IntelliSense Substring matches

  • IntelliSense CamelCase matches on boundaries

  • IntelliSense Mixed CamelCase partial matches

UnrealScript Config and Localization File Support

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Type & member dropdown bars for quickly navigating large files
  • Config file support

Project System

UnrealScript Project
UnrealScript projects can be created and added to any Visual Studio solution. UnrealScript Projects can be configured in two primary modes: Licensee Project or General/Mod Project. As far as available features are concerned, these are almost identical. The two project modes were separated to address the different directory structures and build system requirements of licensees and modders.

UnrealScript Licensee Project
A complete overview of the UnrealScript Licensee Project system is available separately. This is a short list of features licensees can expect:

  • Targets the specific needs of UnrealEngine 3 licensees
  • Offers major advantages over including script files in native (C++) projects:
    • Easier to configure script debugging and build configurations
    • Tight integration of the UnrealScript compiler with the Visual Studio build system, including proper build error reporting
    • Faster solution opening/closing
    • Automatically stays up-to-date with the set of script files on disk, which is important since the UnrealScript compiler reads every script file instead of just the ones you included in a native project

General/Mod Project

  • Supports UDK development. For details on configuring nFringe, see the UDK Projects page.

UnrealScript Project Templates

  • Quickly setup a new mod
  • Localization support
  • Config file support
  • New Project

UnrealScript Project Item Templates

  • New class
  • New mutator (UT3-specific)
  • New Kismet item (Action/Event/Condition/Variable*)
  • New Project Item

Debugging Tools

  • Overview
    • High speed debugging targeting current and upcoming UnrealEngine3 games
    • Licensee dev cycle support
    • Mod community debugging support, even when debug versions of the core scripts are not available
    • Supports all PC builds (32-bit, 64-bit, dedicated servers, the editor, and PIE)
  • UnrealEngine3 Processes
    • Launch game with script debugging directly from the IDE
    • Attach to an existing process
    • Detach and Stop commands available to end the debugging session
  • Code stepping
    • Break all (immediate)
    • Step into/over/out
    • Continue
  • Watch windows
    • View and modify values directly within the debugger
    • Locals
    • User-defined watches in the Watch window
    • Data-tips for expression evaluation on hovering in the editor
    • Quick Watch dialog
    • Immediate window
    • Memory windows*
  • Call stack display and frame selection support
  • Breakpoints

* Certain nFringe features require modification of the UnrealEngine code. In order to provide these features to licensed nFringe users with older versions of UnrealEngine 3, we can apply the patches directly to your codebase upon request. Note that the newest features of nFringe require changes that aren’t even in Epic’s latest licensee builds.

Please contact us for details on getting patches for your code.