Pixel Mine Portal

Introduction to the Pixel Mine Portal

The Pixel Mine Portal was established as a one-stop-shop for gamers to browse and purchase Pixel Mine games, check out stats, chat with friends, manage their accounts and billing, read the latest news, and more. Gamers can purchase tradable tokens, which can be used across the Pixel Mine Portal for all games, and in the future will be able to earn Pixel Mine Points to use towards special prizes and store items.

What can you do with the Portal?

  • Offer subscriptions and/or micro-payment purchases for your game
  • Utilize the integrated Pixel Mine Forums, which offer calendars and player run blogs
  • Give your players the ability to set up automatic subscriptions, earn/transfer tokens, and track their spending
  • Leverage the market power and customer base of Pixel Mine to grow your audience

3rd Party Developers
We have designed our Portal to be a practical solution for independent game developers to get their titles to market and still retain ownership over the game’s Intellectual Property. If you are an independent developer and are interested in distributing your game through our portal, please contact us.

Sites using the Pixel Mine Portal