Love Test Press Release

Pixel Mine Releases The Love Test by Bull Shark Games on iPhone
Now available on iTunes Store for introductory price of $.99.

July 21, 2009 – AUSTIN, TX – Pixel Mine today announced and released The Love Test, from Austin partner company Bull Shark Games. The Love Test is revolutionary ice breaker application. Using scientifically determined matching criteria, The Love Test can instantly detect compatibility between any two individuals. No need to log on to love matching sites, or even go out for coffee, just take The Love Test, and discover how she feels about you, and how you feel about her.

Potential mates simply place their thumb or finger on the scanner, and The Love Test does the rest. The application will return a rating for how each person feels about the other, and an overall compatibility rating for the couple.

See a pretty lady in a bar? Or a handsome guy? Walk right up and ask them to take The Love Test with you. It may not work, but let’s face it you never really had a chance anyway. The Love Test gives you that chance!

Denis Loubet, Art Director of Pixel Mine, says “We believe that The Love Test is a perfect application for the iPhone.” He adds “I’m normally rather shy around strange women, but with The Love Test, I just walk right up and ask them to help me test my new iPhone app. My dance card is filling up rather nicely. If you need help breaking the ice with men or women you will want to download The Love Test.”

The Love Test features an extraordinary song created and performed by Voodoo Highway Music.

Please note the scientific accuracy of the test has an error margin of +/-100%.

The Love Test is the fourth iPhone title released by Pixel Mine, and can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store. Visit the The Love Test website for more information.

About The Love Test
The Love Test is a scientific compatibility tester application for the iPhone! It is quite simply the best icebreaker in the AppStore. You and a potential lover simply place a finger or thumb on the scanner, and wait for the hilarious test results.

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