Super Collider Released for the iPhone

Now available on iTunes Store for introductory price of $.99

AUSTIN, TX – June 30, 2009 – Pixel Mine today announced and released SUPER COLLIDER, an action arcade game for the iPhone, at the introductory price of $.99. Defend the existence of the known universe by maneuvering a particle of anti-matter inside a super collider experiment gone wrong. The world’s smartest scientists and most powerful computers have failed, they have placed the collider on manual override and given you full control. The planet’s fate is in your hands.

Super Collider features heart pounding action as you race your anti-matter particle across the screen avoiding the matter particles spawning at ever increasing rates. Immerse yourself in a sub atomic world.

Along the way you can collect power ups to protect and upgrade your antimatter particle. The matter shields, extra lives, particle slowdowns will help you progress through the fifty rounds to the ultimate goal…containment.

Bill Money, Chief Creative Officer of Pixel Mine, says “We believe that Super Collider is a perfect game for the iPhone.” He adds “It’s addicting and gorgeous with easy to use controls. If you’re a fan of arcade action games you’ll want to check it out.”

Super Collider features an exciting sound track created by Voodoo Highway Music. There are a variety of options to make it easy to play at home or on the go.

Super Collider is the third iPhone title from Pixel Mine, and can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store. Visit the Super Collider website for more information.
About Super Collider
Super Collider is the a cutting edge action arcade game game for the iPhone! You control a single piece of anti-matter and guide it on a sub-atomic level through a Super Collider. Error means death. With fifty levels, helpful power ups, no two adventures will be the same! Visit for more info.

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