Space Dock

Space Dock, from Pixel Mine Games, creators of the smash hits Underworlds and Super Collider!

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The Game
Space Dock, lines in SPACE! Soon to be the most popular game not just on the iPhone but in the known and unknown universe!

Do you like Flight Control, Harbor Master, or Trace? If you liked controlling planes, or ships, don’t you think you will love controlling spacecraft?

Space Dock has space sounds, space aliens, space travelers, spacecraft, space stations, space lines, spacemen, even a space girl!

You begin as a lowly space station controller on the shiny new deep space station. Starships, space shuttles, and space fighters start to hyperspace into the station’s quadrant. Some ships are running from aliens, some from asteroids, some are low on fuel. You must dock them quickly and safely on the station.

But wait, there is a problem? Aliens in the docking area? Are they dangerous, or perhaps wanting to make first contact? Did they just abduct your astronaut? Are the aliens actually probing our people?

You have to land the spacecraft quicker and quicker, but now asteroids are overwhelming the station’s defenses. Your spacecraft are being plastered by the asteroids, and spacemen from damaged ships are floating stranded in space. They are your crewmates and are in grave danger and you must rescue them. If one of your spacecraft hits them, the game is over. Use all your skills to deftly guide a rescue craft to them to save their lives. In the meantime, the starships, fighters, and shuttles keep coming and coming.


  • Awesome iPhone/iTouch touch space control mechanism. Control entire spaceships simply by touch!
  • Upgradeable Space Station defense capabilities!
  • Unique spaceman rescue missions during game play!
  • Local and online high scores and achievements!
  • Connect with friends, and compare scores and achievements!
  • Post your accomplishments to twitter and facebook!
  • A fantastic musical score by Voodoo Highway Music!


The Press
“Space Dock will have you frantically picking flight paths for the never ending number of starships entering your space station.” –