Super Collider

From the creators of the smash hit, Underworlds, comes Super Collider for the iPhone!Click to download from the App Store!

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About the Game
Super Collider is a fast paced, challenging, finger twisting, action arcade game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

• An iPhone/iPod Touch exclusive release! The game was designed around the powerful touch system of the iPhone/iPod Touch
• Simple to play, yet hard to master! All ages can enjoy!
• Incredible physics simulation!
• Original heart pounding musical score, by Voodoo Highway Music.
• Unlimited rounds!
• Automatic saving of your game. Never miss a moment of action due to a pesky phone call or visit from the boss!
• High scores!
• Facebook integration, share your high scores with your Facebook friends and family.
• A variety of unique and useful power-ups.
• Fantastical obstacles such as Black Holes, White Holes, Repulsars and Charged Walls!

The Challenge…
Defend the existence of the known universe by maneuvering a particle of antimatter inside a super collider experiment gone wrong.

During a cutting edge, antimatter experiment, the super collider chamber has been contaminated by highly charged particles of matter. When matter and anti-matter collide, the result is total annihilation!

The world’s smartest scientists and most powerful computers have failed and now they have placed the collider on full manual override, giving you total control.

To save the planet you must swiftly and deftly control the experimental anti-matter particle while avoiding all the charged matter within the chamber. You will face many obstacles and challenges along the way, but failure is NOT an option.

Good luck!



What the press is saying:
“Super Collider is a great time waster, and I say that with the very best of intentions. The amount of work that has gone into the production value of the game is very evident on the screen and I can see a lot of boring meetings being saved by this game” –

“All in all, Super Collider provides some nice, simple gameplay that’s similar to many of the games found on the App Store (i.e. Flight Control, Crash!).” –